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Full Service Refractory

American Refractory Company has 40+ years building and repairing  furnaces, kilns, cupolas, boilers, converters, ladles, soaking pits and ovens for fortune 500 companies.

Industry Leading Equiptment

American Refractory Company has carefully selected top shelf durable equipment that to ensure timely project delivery from start to finish.

Top Union Talent

Our fully certified OSHA union contractors have thousands of hours on the jobsite and show attention to detail for every project.



The American Refractory Company has been formed with a core group of field personnel with over 20 years of service in the refractory industry. Areas of expertise include specialized demolition projects,  refractory installation and linings for either abrasion or corrosion protection. 


Over the years we have been exposed to various lining systems that have saved time in an application or have allowed for longer runs of the lining system.  Our customer base includes mostly power generation, but also includes refractory applications in multi-hearths, rotary kilns, foundries, paper, and refinery industry. Qualified areas of work include:

  • Tile and Ceramic Fiber applications

  • Shotcrete and Gunite capabilities and all forms of refractory brickwork

  • Pennguard block and mastic membrane linings

  • Welding of metallic anchoring systems

  • Concrete restoration work  and Robotic demolition of refractory or concrete

  • Fireproofing to structural steel

  • Shop work – Sandblasting and coatings

  • Specialized Demolition work

  • Building Construction – Cinder Block  and concrete foundation work



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